April 18, 2011

Forum settings: post per page etc.



I have tried to find settings to change the numbers of post shown on each page in the forum. It is 6 and I prefer to have more on each page. I think I looked everywhere but did I miss it? Please tell me where to change it or add this feature. It's not funny to have so many pages and is hard to get an overview of the thread.

Also in the "sub-forum" you can't see the names of the latest poster in the latest post column. I would really like to have that because it makes it easier to see who made the latest post in a topic whiteout opening it.

And whats up with the flood control? I'm just browsing the forums like normal but get these 15 seconds flood control messages? I almost lost one of my post, the text was gone but the browser reposted it when I pressed back + forward (thank god for that).

Best Regards

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