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October 8, 2013

Linux Store


I was just reading up on the membership benefits for members at Linux foundation. It says:

"20% Off of merchandise from the Linux.com Store, featuring cool shirts and more"

Going to:

... I get told that the page is taken closed, but it does not say anything about for how long, or if it is permanent.

If it is permanent, it should be taken off the membership benefits, but having a store can have lots of benefits. Linux.com should be an official place for most things Linux.

There are several distributions that manages to have decent stores. Such a store could be a good idea to both increase income, but also to spread Linux more commercially. Although many of the t-shirts I have seen searching Google images, seems to be hard for many to relate to Linux in any way. Many were fun, some maybe a little inappropriate, but from what I manage to find, there were no Linux Foundation-line with different design approaches.

Some shops:

The most problem I have with many of these shops is that many of the products are very dull and static. It looks too much like a company freebie if it is just a regular t-shirt with a big fat logo on top of it. One nice thing with these pages is that they only show the wearables without anyone actually in them (or at least no focus on them, the main focus is the wearables), with a clean white background.

But still, there are stores that manage to make fashionable items, even fashionable and nerdy, and cool items. It could be a good place to get pens, card holders, t-shirts, and so on in bulks for stands or to give out. Or a coffee cup and pens to have at work.

There could be many good opportunities in such a store, so sad if it is closed for good.

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