February 5, 2013



Hi there. I've been an ubuntu user since last year. I actually started with fedora. Didn't like it at the time, but I really didn't know anything then. I'm fairly happy with my ubuntu, but was thinking of as dif os for my other pc. Was just looking for some suggestions is all. I will be using a media center pc with a 3GHz dual core, 8GB DDR2 RAM, an ok 1080p 3D graphics card. I mainly want a fast, stable, powerfull if I should need it os. I mainly listen and save and swap my music, web, movies, burning DVD's (which I still can't quite figure out LOL) Photos and photo editing and run it through my LCD TV. I thought about trying zorin, but what else is good too. I would probably love the ubuntu much more if I could get half the stuff running right. I follow all instructions to no avail. 3D cube makes plasma crash and had to uninstall compiz to work again and cube screen suddenly quit working days later when I didn't change anything (that I'm aware of) and even unity effects are failing and been running the lxde cause it runs the best. Maybe a premium version with support? I'm just looking for some opinions is all guys. Thanks

P.S. If anybody tells me to get windows, I might just lose it!! LOL :)

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