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December 17, 2014

Taking the Linux turn-off became the Mint Highway


A rather personal essay attached. I am sharing my passion for life, intertwined with my fetish for Linux. Mint is my flavour today.

How did I get here and why?

Was it merely a computer operating system I needed? In fact, I did not. What I needed was cerebral therapy after various light-to-mild strokes and other medical maladies.

One do not die easily while focusing upon unreached goalposts. Sometimes, we need to finish things before we leave. In fastening the loose ends, I found myself not just rehabilitated but also enhanced. Learning Linux seem to have lain down new paths in my injured mind and, today, I taste the sweetness of persistence and perseverence.

As a typical male, taking things apart to see how things work, is natural. More than once, I had nuts & bolts left and found myself screwed. There was only one way and that was to take things apart again and start over. With no manuals around or, rather not knowing about man pages, I waded swamps in pitch darkness.

Let my extraordinary life story be encouragement to at least one person reading, I hope! Spread freely and, if you regard me as the utmost fool, please have a laugh at my expense. It was paid for dearly so don't waste the opportunity.

Enjoy reading!

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