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March 16, 2010

add program i made to cmdline

Hi ( im a beginning programmer), I always found myself trying to figure out what percent a number is of another number, and rather then using a program online to always do this calculation for me i wrote a simple program in c. I want to make it so i can access this program from the command line, for example:

jacob@jacob-laptop:~$ percent 55 390

where its:

command arg1 arg2 :: where arg1 is the number to be found the percent of the number (arg2)
then I want the program to display the answer.

if this is not possible without changing a whole bunch of code then I would also be happy if i could invoke the program from the command line, for example:

jacob@jacob-laptop:~$ percent

and then the percent program will run its course then return to the command line.

any suggestions? Heres the code for my program:

main() {
float answer, FACTOR, get1, get2;
FACTOR = 100;
printf("What percent is a number of a number?\n\n");
printf("What is __ percent of?\n");
printf("Please enter number:\n");
scanf(" %f", &get1 );
printf("this number?\n");
printf("Please enter number:\n");
scanf(" %f", &get2 );
answer = (get1/get2) * FACTOR;
printf("%3.2f is %3.2f percent of %3.2f\n\n\n", get1, answer, get2);

if you need me to clarify anything just post, i will include the source in an attached file as well.

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