October 28, 2009

I'm a new programmer looking to help

Hey guys! I started a long time ago with basic HTML not that great at it however I never really liked guides..I found 1 guide for python that I like sadly I can't figure out it. A little bit before I got into python I got into making epic picture in GIMP..and I entered one contest where I doubt my entry got looked at. Anyways I learn code quick with actually people as opposed to a guide because I sometimes have questions but I do pick it up rather quick. Quite honestly I want to learn most web based/gaming languages such as PhP, C, and all that other good stuff. So I'm looking for any project that I could help out with..preferably a social networking project if it exists. But yea please tell me if there are any groups..

PS. I would like to help with a social networking site because I think the time is right for a new one..seeing as facebook is currently failing miserably.

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