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May 28, 2010

Please attention! New Linux Bolgenos!

I` am developing new distribution. Operation System based on linux kernel 2.6.28 and Ubuntu. But in future (after 1-2 days) I publish the update to 2.6.33. Bolgenos OS 1.2 include my browser - OgenBrowse (web browser based on source arora).

List programms included in my distribution:
- VLC media player
- Brasero disk burner
- Deluge (I not using transmission, because I think that this torrent client not usable. Well deluge so good!)
- Pidgin :-)
- Abiword (openoffice writer)
- Gnumeric (e-tables, Calc, Excell)

- Qt creator (Qt 4.5.0)
- Geany (Write applications on many programming languages)


So I creating this distribution for Desktops and netbooks. For example: Asus eee pc 2g (small hard drive - 2gb). AFTER INSTALL OS TAKES 1.7 GB! But Bolgenos very well works on Core 2 Quad (and tested on Core i-7). Proprietary drives not include in distribution (GPL).

1 month ago has been locked in competition in the city and took the first place, and on the field for second place. Television company of our city has made a report about the operating system Bolgenos {video removed from YouTube: from moderator}

So have 1 minus OS configs for russian language, but in installation you can change English. If someone not difficult, then please try my Bolgenos.:-)

site: {Site does not exist: from moderator}
direct download: {File does not exist: from moderator} (sorry, but on Source Forge file not publish)

Click Here!