July 18, 2011

Is This Program Even Possible

I'm saying sorry in advance if this is not the correct place to ask a question but it seemed the most logical to me. I will be the first to admit that I am not a techie in a technical sense (all pun intended) but I do believe my background in philosophy and logic have brought me to thinking about what one of my tech friends has called "a high-level and advance IT question". My good friend also told me nothing is impossible to create in software, you just need to find the right Baby genius to build it :) So I find myself here. [For clarity reasons I am going to use two program examples that best fit what I am envisioning: They are Google Chrome web browser and Google Chromium OS] Here we go.

It seems to me that Chrome web browser and Chromium OS essentially do the same thing its just one works as a program within an operating system and the other works as a stand alone Operating system in itself. Further more they are two separate programs. My question is is it even possible to create software that works as a program (Chrome web browser) within an operating system (Mac, Windows 7, Linux) but the SAME program can also be used as a stripped down operating system THAT ONLY ACCESSES THE INTERNET (Chromium OS) on that same computer with the Mac, Windows 7 or Linux on it. Essentially its combining a program like Chrome web browser and Chromium OS into one and changes the Hierarchy relationship between the two. That means using the program as a stripped down Operating system that accesses the internet is a secondary function and using it as a program that accesses the internet within a local operating system is the primary function.

Once again I use Chrome Web browser and Chromium OS because they are the best examples of the technology that is already out there. And I cannot stress this enough. The program I am talking about is ONE program, not two. So in theory this program would combine a web browser and an OS but the browser is the main function and the OS option is a secondary function that allows your computer to only access the internet through the program. I believe there are major benefits to a program that could be created like this if it has not been already. This is what I am trying to create or have someone or some people help me create it.

If you do not believe creating this is possible I would sincerely like to know why not and for what reasons. Also if anything is not clear please ask questions as obviously I am not a techie if it has not shown already. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the idea and or questions. I look forward to dialogue and interaction on this subject. Thank you for reading.

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