March 17, 2011

Software Development Game Changer for Linux

Hello Linux developers!

Short Version

I hereby toss a challenge towards the community; I need your help to understand the HOW-TO and other common difficulties to understand Linux - development. They can all be abstracted away (from driver level development to complex-integrated-ERP-systems) so that the developer experience is as smooth as it can possibly be.

Long Version

I am in a task of searching the community focus for enabling ISVs and single developers (or even users) to make enterprise-architecture-grade applications.

I was through Linux Foundation's Workgroups (relatively inactive), Linux Developer Network (relatively inactive) and now here (seems hopefully active).

Our organization discovered a technology that trivializes software development.

The technology is by-nature completely open, completely platform agnostic and it divides the problem and complexity so that it particularly well suits for open-source-community to challenge even the most complex enterprisewide systems.

Naturally it does much smaller miracles on the day-to-day software development, for mobile phone clients or for example Linux kernel or driver areas.

This technology is tool-supported in Microsoft / Visual Studio stack currently, which means that mobile device developers (that already use Visual Studio) can already make multi-platform targeting with it.

The technology is theory and examples - including video of standard citizen being capable of making full-architecture-application

We can demonstrate and make Linux-specific examples over anything that requires to be structured or guided to be done in certain way. This applies to anything between driver implementations to multi-tier-architectural software.

Once the reference abstractions are made (which are also trivial to make - they take less time than writing that guidance on HOW-TO use something), only the custom code is handwritten. All the architectural ceremonial code is automated.

Now I understand the examples are slim, because the technology is best described with live-examples of something concrete. While all our current examples are for Microsoft development ecosystem, we simply need examples of Linux development challenges to start tackling them.


Kalle Launiala

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