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October 1, 2009

Harddrive testing


I got a problem you see.
I was playing around with different distros on my Portable Media Player. Namely a Cowon A3 with a 60GB harddrive. And so it came that I stupidly enough entered gparted and added a boot flag to the one partition on my PMP to see if it maybe would make it bootable on my old computer without USB support in BIOS. Well, the end result was that the PMP itself did no longer recognize that it had any software to boot and therefor stopped working as anything but a USB harddrive.

Long story short: I sent it in to get it restored to factory settings. But the companie turns around telling me that the harddrive is broken and because of that needs to be replaced. And for that to be done it must be sent around the world and back making it unnecessarily expensive. Especially since I know that the harddrive is not broken. I just screwed around with it a bit too much.

So what I need now is software to test my USB harddrive for errors. Much like memtest86 works for RAM.
I need something that I can later print out and bring on paper to the store to tell them that this harddrive works perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with it, it is just you who thought I dropped it like everyone else. And yes I got the drive here by my side right now.

So please tell me where to turn for this software. I have tried fsck on it and it worked out great. But doesn't that only check the filesystem for corruption. At the moment the filesystem is empty so there isn't much there that could be wrong.

I want something to write a bunch of nonesense over and over again on this drive for 12 hours and come back with the result I already know. Still a result I have to prove according to Swedish consumer law. It's two years ago since I bought it so I'm still covered by the law.

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