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May 13, 2011

How to enable Joliet file system support?


Ok, I`m fairly new to linux having been a Windows user for as long as there has been a windows operating system around and DOS before that even. My problem is that like a great many Windows users I have a large collection of burned CD`s & DVD`s that use the Joliet file system. But apparently the distro of Linux I`m using now (Kubuntu 10.10 32 bit) does not have support for reading the Joliet file system enabled by default and I don`t know how to enable it. So here I am asking if anyone knows how to enable it? I`m well aware that I could make an ISO image of the discs in question and then mount them as the various mounting utilities all seem to support reading the Joliet file system, but this isn`t really a viable solution since I have a few hundred discs now in my collection from my pre-Linux days and in terms of disk space this would pretty much fill my entire hard drive and then some if I were to take this approach. What I really need is to just be able to put the disc into the drive and open Dolphin and be able to access it just like I can any other disc or drive.

I did some digging around and discovered that kernel support for reading the Joliet file system has apparently been around for quite a while now, but apparently nobody ever considered the fact that it would be very beneficial to those users coming over to Linux from Windows to enable this support by default. As such, users like myself are essentially left without a reasonable means to access the multitude of discs we may have accumulated before making the move to Linux.

Anyway I am hoping someone here can help me figure out how to enable this so I can access my old CD`s & DVD`s.

My system specs are as follows:
CPU: Pentium 4 2.8ghz w/hyperthreading (32 bit)
Motherboard: Intel D865GLC socket 478
Memory: 3Gb RAM (2 1Gb sticks and 2 512Mb sticks running in Dual Channel mode)
Graphics: nVidia 7600GS 8X AGP w/512M RAM
Hard Drives:1.0TB Hitachi Deskstar (hosting Windows XP Pro 32bit) & 500Gb Hitachi Deskstar hosting Kubuntu 10.10 32bit (fully updated)

And yes I know it`s about time to consider an upgrade, I`m planning on it soon, but still would need to be able to enable Joliet file system support in my Linux install.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide,

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