October 2, 2010

In kernel ver 2.6.10 ext3 filesystem as readonly


I am using linux kernel 2.6.10 (from monta vista distribution)
One of the partition in our device which was formated with ext3 file system, was re mounted with readonly access after couple of months run.
It was working fine for couple of months.
After browsing I had found out that there is a bug in kernel.

I know i should perform fsck on the file system to recover.

My question is what is the reasons for file system to remount read only.

This situation is realy annoying for us. we don't want this situation to ever occur. What are the precautionary measurement we need to take care. Is there any bug fix done in later kernel w.r.t to above bug.

It would realy appreciated if some one throws light one this

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