November 4, 2010

PlayStation 3 harddrive disk access


Hi I'm new at the forums, and I'm starting to get interested in Linux.

I have a problem with one of the PlayStation 3's I have... One has YLoD'd on me, and the motherboard is unrepairable broken. And the harddrive disc contains 3,5 years worth of gaming. Quite a few games are almost platinum... Here is a picture of the motherboard:


I would like to beable to access the harddisk drive (which is locked to the motheboards serial number) and copy all of the games saved content to a USB stick so I can copy all the files back ona new custom fully refurbished PlayStation 3.

On the internet I read that that could be possible with Linux? Does anybody know how to do this? Or can anybody do it for me with the right licensed tools? I am willing to pay.

- Ben

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