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May 29, 2011

Boot Windows 7 Virtually && Physically (dual boot)

Okay, I have an existing Windows 7 installation on a hard disk, which I dual boot to for when I feel like gaming...

I was hoping I could setup a booting arrangement where I can boot into Windows 7 and my existing Fedora installation, yet from within the Fedora installation, use a virtual machine application to use /dev/sda (in this case).

This way if I ever want to change something, or update, install, etc. I can simply do so without leaving *nix.

So far, the solutions I have come across only cover Windows XP or so. I have tried getting it to work under KVM, but I just receive the lovely bsods. Is anybody aware of how to get this to work, with either KVM, VirtualBox, or (at the very worst) VMWare?

This really seems like a difficult topic of which I have been googling and asking around about for a week or so :/

(p.s. I hope this is the proper forum section, but sorry if it isn't)

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