November 25, 2011

File System linux

Hi, i've task to make linux system file simulation, i want to ask 2 question:

1. It's said that in linux have inode size and another file system attribute(superblock size, free space mgmt,etc) depend on partition size, i want to ask that in linux,
given the size of linux os partition, say 90Gb,
how's calculation of inode table size, block in inode and inode level(level 1 or 2 or 3) is implemented??
and i want a reasonable answer why that calculation is implemented according to time and space performance.

2. Same as question 1, but this is about size of block in system file, it's said that 4kb block size is the best of all block size(512,etc). i don't get it why?? anyone can help me??


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