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June 4, 2011

Need help for a class project.

I was wondering if someone could help me create a script to perform system management functions. I need to write a script in fedora 10 that will automate a complex system task. The task I have chose is one that will determine the processes that are consuming system resources, and investigative these resources to see whether or not they are necessary or can be stopped. I would also have the script report how much memory is available and how much memory is consumed and log the results with an output file in a stored location. Ideally the script would have comments after every line as to why this line was used, or what it does in the script file itself. Thanks I would be willing to pay via paypal if someone could help on the script part. I need to write a paper on it, but I don't fully understand how to script in fedora and know I cannot do this on my own. If you are interested please reply or email or just get in contact with me somehow. Thank you.

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