October 31, 2011

Permissions issue.

Hi Dear Sirs:
I am having a little problem with permissions of a file, and can´t find a solution,
I have a mail Server with Postfix, Courier and Roundcube as Webmail.
When I give in the user´s directory permissions to root (/maildir/user root:root), login is ok in Roundcube but can´t send mails, and logs show: "/maildir/domain.com/user/tmp/mail_id.server_name: Permission denied)"
If I give in user´s directory permissions to another user, for example mail (/maildir/user mail:mail), I can send mails but can´t login into Roundcube Webmail.
Please excuse me if this is not the correct place for asking for help with this issue.
But I ´ve been looking for a solution for some days but can´t find it.
Any help will be welcome.
Thanks for your attention Sirs.
Best regards,


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