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October 31, 2010

Regarding ltrace utility

Hello folks,

If we check the "man ltrace" it provide the following information.

-a, --align column
Align return values in a specific column (default column is 5/8 of screen width).

-A maxelts
Maximum number of array elements to print before suppressing the rest with an ellipsis ("..." )


I am interested in the 2nd option (-A maxelts). My intention is to increase the maximum number of array elements to print, When i go with default ltrace setting i am getting output like this :

mantosh@ubuntu:~/Desktop/practice$ ltrace ./ofile
__libc_start_main(0x8048514, 1, 0xbfb55324, 0x8048650, 0x8048640
fopen("/home/mantosh/Desktop/practice/i"..., "r" ) = 0x8f15008
fopen("/home/mantosh/Desktop/practice/o"..., "w" ) = 0x8f15170
malloc(51) = 0x08f152d8
malloc(51) = 0x08f15310
fgets("The UNIX operating system provid"..., 50, 0x8f1500 = 0x08f152d8
strcpy(0x08f15310, "The UNIX operating system provid"...) = 0x08f15310
fputs("The UNIX operating system provid"..., 0x8f15170) = 1

Now when i am tryting like this

mantosh@ubuntu:~/Desktop/practice$ ltrace -a 90 -A 90 ./ofile
__libc_start_main(0x8048514, 1, 0xbfd650e4, 0x8048650, 0x8048640
fopen("/home/mantosh/Desktop/practice/i"..., "r" ) = 0x9666008
fopen("/home/mantosh/Desktop/practice/o"..., "w" ) = 0x9666170
malloc(51) = 0x096662d8
malloc(51) = 0x09666310
fgets("The UNIX operating system provid"..., 50, 0x966600 = 0x096662d8
strcpy(0x09666310, "The UNIX operating system provid"...) = 0x09666310
fputs("The UNIX operating system provid"..., 0x9666170) = 1

Though i increased the value of A = 90 , still no change from default output. i mean i am still getting the same array length inside a ("---" ) on any line line.

Any thought on this ?

Mantosh Kumar

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