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September 8, 2010

Where to see/change startup programs at Mint 9?

Beginner needs help! //www.greensmilies.com/smile/smiley_emoticons_panik5.gif)
It may be a coincidence, but this requests appeared for the first time at boot when I had installed the Wacom Bamboo software:

//img25.imageshack.us/img25/2310/snapshot1r.png) Err... which device(s)? //www.greensmilies.com/smile/smiley_emoticons_motz.gif)

Where can I see the system startup settings for this?
I would like to know what program wants a password for which device... and why? Bamboo runs without any password, no matter if it is connected (USB-cable) at boot or gets connected later.
System monitor says this:



Thanks in advance! //www.greensmilies.com/smile/smiley_emoticons_wink2.gif)

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