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July 18, 2010

2 problems on an ASUS K50IJ laptop



this is my first post on these forums and i'd like to say i've never felt more at home without knowing anyone around me.

so, i got a new laptop just over a month ago and immediately set it up to dual boot ubuntu with the preinstalled win7 and i've only had 2 problems i cannot fix or find any information on for this laptop model:

#1 the screen brightness applet for the panel(s) does not work, and there are no drivers for this model in the Software Center. it's either 100% or off (cover closed)

#2 this laptop does not have a wifi switch, and no network manager or application from the Software Center that i've found can enable or disable the wifi. the only method i have is to hibernate & wake up, which presents another problem, the only way to get wifi back on is to reboot.

can anyone offer any insight on these issues? i can provide any necessary information on the hardware.

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