April 23, 2010

Can't send out any mail in all my email clients


The other day, my KlamAV anti virus program stated it had intercepted a virus in my evolution Mail program, which when I open to view my mail, the last received mail in the inbox, unopened was right after my anti virus scan. I have been online with Evolution techs, with no results or clues to the problem. After checking all the available mail clients installed, each of them can receive mail, but not one of them can send it out with my smtp account settings. The outgoing port is the same with all [ 25 ] this is showing in evolution, kmail, thunderbird, and a host of others I intentionally installed to test. Now, I have a virtual guess windows setup [ Vista, with outlook, and the mail functions are ok, both receive and send. Whatever my anti virus program detected, as I quarantined the results, nothing the hell works in relationship to sending mail. How can I reinstall the proper mail files needed in Linux, Ubuntu 9.10 or is there a repair feature on my cd or a diagnostic program I can run to identify the problem? I now get this permission issue in evolution when it tries to fetch my mail to inbox folder. Totally frustrated!



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