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September 4, 2010

Complete crash of kubuntu 10.04


I have a dual boot system using Window 7 and Unbuntu on the same drive with a boot logger. I went to boot to my unbuntu and a error message stated that:

' The configuration defaults for Gnome power manager has not been installed'

It will show the start up scren and my log in password window, but it will not boot to the unbuntu OS / System.
I tried the recovery mode and the actions listed. [ safe mode, and so on, but no results. The bad thing about this is, my windows 7 version is still an evaluations version, only allowing me 2 hours up time, before shutting down. I have a unbuntu ISO disk. Does this have a repair mode? When I run the recovery feature, it loads the information and ask for my password, which I enter the root command [ su ] and the password, I then enter the word ' login and it proceeds to say you have new mail, but I can enter no other command to continue to my system window, and the only other command it accepts is 'reboot'
I need a resolution in a emergency to repair the gnome configuration. All my email and setting in kubuntu are not accessible, especially the draft mail I saved in my thunderbird. There was no advance visual warning of this failure, except a update previously before I booted down to go to my window 7. Both Operating systems share the same drive. I need immediate help.
Could I download a patch or the configuration gnome power setup to a cd from linux?:angry:

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