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June 8, 2011

Considering a netbook, then installing ubuntu.


So, end of july I will have a spare 500 dollars, as a college student I am needing a netbook or laptop for class so I can take legible notes in a timely manner (due to my fast typing speed). Anyway, so I am considering a netbook, possibly laptop.

Considering also, purchasing the netbook, then installing ubuntu.

Here is what I'm thinking, a netbook with 1.5 ghz dual core Intel Atom 550 processor, with 1 or 2 GB of DDR 3 RAM, and atleast 250 GB of hard drive space (5400 RPM most likely) Built in webcam/mic, wifi, etc.. (External USB 2/3 DVD/RW) This system, I can get from ASUS(good brand) for only about $287 USD brand new.

So here are my thoughts, a system like this is nice for browsing the internet, which is its main purpose, however if I install Ubuntu and get rid of windows, this system could be, for the most part, a fully functional, pretty fast(or a lot faster then with windows) and a damn good deal for what I would pay for a full blown laptop(which I dont really need).

My main concern, is I am wondering if I would run into chip set issues on the linux operating system, on a netbook that came with windows origonally. If I can get past this one hurdle, I am golden.

Would appreciate everyones thoughts on this plan.

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