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February 7, 2010

dell ispiron 1545 wireless problems


:woohoo: Well I finally did it. Im free!!! I installed Ubuntu 9.10 over my rotting windows 7 on my computer, after yet again windows was giving me more problems. Don't get me wrong I am very savvy with computers and can deal with all the bull Microsoft throws at me, but frankly im just tired of it. Tired of the virus scans, tired of the crashes, tired of the same OS with a different name. Thats right Microsoft 7 isn't so great, I even gave it a try to see. I always new Linux was the best but I was afraid to write over Windows merely because of the high cost of the software ( windows 7 home cost like 119 dollars or something ). Look im done Microsoft the only thing your good for is contributing to my business of computer repair (my website: www.computersupport.viviti.com ).
Well anyway I have a dell inspiron 1545 with a Broadcom's BCM4311 and the final reason I decided to install Linux over my winBILLdows is because of the fact for some reason my wireless connectivity stopped working. I though of why I should be subject to all this torture at the hands of Gates, I also was aware that because of my skills in computer science I had one of the best configured versions of windows 7 around ( security and performance ) and yet I still had to deal bombardment of user access control pop-ups and McAfee eating up half of my duel core processor while viruses eat the other half. So I decided to try to try to recover windows by doing a complete recovery and of course an error message popped up saying that the image was corrupt... And indeed it was. So I installed Ubuntu 9.10 over the whole darn thing I said goodbye to programming in visual basic ( who needs a it! It makes me feel like child that doesn't know how to program! ) I got everything the way I wanted it in about 10 minutes flat. However I do have one problem I still cant connect to WIFI! It will circle for a min but then will say im disconnected. I'm not new to working with computers but I am still new to Linux. Well even if you guys cant help me get hooked up to wifi I still am 100 steps ahead of any windows user. All my friends want to have a set up just like mine, but they don't seem to be smart enough yet to use Linux which is a damn shame. I really wish Linux was more simple to use so that my friends could see what its like to be free. Well im kind of glad its a little complicated though, thats one of the things that attracted me to it. I guess Linux does have a economical value to me at least , because I just installed it over my very expensive Windows 7 which means Ubuntu > $119 to me. I have no regrets installing Linux over Windows 7. I could have course bought a 17 dollar hard drive and installed Linux on that or duel booted but I figure why waste the money on a hard drive and why waste the space Ubuntu could be using. :laugh:

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