March 9, 2010

display divided by six???


OK I've had this problem or ages now and can't figure it out at all - in the meantime I have to continue using windows :(
I've got a Acer K501N with a 15.6" HD/LED display and nvidia Geforce G102M video card. I can install ubuntu easily but when it boots up my screen display is divided into six identical copies of my desktop - two columns of three. When I move the mouse it moves is all six.
I've tried different drivers, altering settings like resolution etc. within ubuntu and even tried a live CD of a different distro (mandriva I think) and it's exactly the same so I think it might be something to do with the kernel maybe??? I don't know how I can sort this out as I am a newbie but I really wanna get up and running on linux and dump this MS crap.
Help please....

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