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February 11, 2010

firewalled applications


Hello I have a simple question that im sure will require a complicated answer. This relates to the way, in which the windows firewall alerts you, and allows you the choice of blocking if applications access the Internet or not. In other words a windows firewall creates firewall rules for the programs themselves. I am aware however, of the security method Linux uses, that is Linux allows you to create firewall rules for ports instead of individual applications. For example if I have HTTP and HTTPS enabled any program will be allowed access to the Internet over those ports.

I want to block individual applications however, such as wine. Because Windows programs contact home I would like to block Internet access to wine all together. Also it would be nice to be alerted when
an application attempts to connect to the Internet and I would like the choice of whether to block it or not. Please let me know if there is a firewall program capable of this with Linux. If not then I suggest that one is created promptly because this situation is ridiculous.

Even in a fairy tail world were no applications communicate maliciously with the Internet in Linux I would still like control over the situation instead of just blocking a port in an arbitrary attempt to block a program. I want to know whats connecting to the Internet and what isn't, I would like such a program to be as simple to use as possible so more windows users will feel safer when switching to Linux.

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