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December 12, 2009

hey all! couple questions:D


hey im astromech_kuhns!

i had a couple questions about ubuntu! and kinda some in linux in general!

so i downloaded and am dual booting linux ubuntu through wubi, im not sure what version but whatever one is on there. is that like a quick download version of it made to dual boot and isnt quite the whole thing? i mean, its not a huge file, and im not sure the version it came with, so what is it compared to the actual ubuntu?

also going through the manual on the site, it says that it doesnt use certain video or music files, mainly microsoft, i did not see one mac file type listed though does that mean it runs like MP4 files and other mac files? they are both unix based so i could see them using the same files.

will i be able to download itunes on to this computer? relating to the question above, are downloads in general the same file type as mac, but more than that is there a linux version of itunes or will it work from the mac version?

also on here the different reviews on distros, people talk about ubuntu's system instability, is it much of a problem? something i should look carefully at while deciding between distros?

also i ordered 5 copys of ubuntu from shiplit, one for me to use even if i dond decide to use it as my main OS i will download it to this laptop once i build my computer. and four more to hand out, i know my freind and older cousin are both interested, plus anyone i talk to that is interested in using ubuntu.

again relating to whats right above, if it takes 6-10 weeks for a copy of ubuntu to send out, and a new version comes out (no one wants to wait:D) other than downloading it as a ISO and moving it to a disk, is there a way to get the latest copy faster than shiplit? i heard that some magazines have copy's of ubuntu in them, so is that a better way to get the newest version of the distro? is through that? cause i know that downloading it may not always be a option and if it takes so long for shiplit than it would be nice to pick it up faster.

also my dad has a external hard drive, if i decide to switch full time to ubuntu, then if i use this to back up my files, will it be able to have ubuntu recgonize it?i just dont want to do this withought a back up plan. im pretty sure it hooks up via usb so should it be recgonized with such a generic port or would you need the moddle and make for it?

thank you all very much for taking the time to read this! and thanks a ton in advance for the response!


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