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April 17, 2010

How to open a .sn file


Back again! I downloaded a cad program for Linux / Ubuntu 9.10 which has a .sn on the end of it and I believe this is called a binary file and for the life of me I can not open this bugger. Here are the directions I was given:

Please read this guide before you install your MEDUSA software - it includes important
information on the correct installation of the product.
Before you start the installation, please close all applications.
Please note: Windows: For running MEDUSA the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package is
required (vcredist_x86.exe). If necessary, it will be installed automatically before the
installation of MEDUSA.
For quick and easy installation, obtain your license keyfile prior to installing the
If you intend to copy the program executable medusa_v4_0_0_windows_personal.exe
(Windows) respectively medusa_v4_0_0_linux_personal.sh (Linux) onto your hard
disk, please ensure that the path name contains no blank spaces or special
characters (so please do not save it to your desktop), e.g.:
correct path: C:\software\medusa_V4_0_0
wrong path: C:\software\medusa V4.0.0
correct path: /opt/medusa_V4_0_0
wrong path: /opt/medusa V4.0.0
The CSG Installation Wizard will guide you through the setup process. If errors occur during
installation, these are reported in the file log.txt in the installation path.
4 © CAD Schroer GmbH 2009
Systems Requirements
Systems Requirements
Please note: The system requirements for the Personal version differ from the full version.
Therefore ignore the system requirements given in the Release Notes in the
meddoc\doc path.
You will need 580 MB (Windows) respectively 700 MB (Linux) of free disk space, and a
minimum of 512 MB of RAM.
MEDUSA Personal runs on Windows XP (SP2 or 3), Windows Vista or Windows 7.
MEDUSA Personal runs on the following Linux distributions:
Distribution Version
CentOS 5
Fedora 11, 12
RedHat EL 5
SuSE 11 (OSS)
Ubuntu 9.04, 9.10
For running MEDUSA Personal a csh or tcsh shell is required. If there is no csh or tcsh shell
installed, install it, for example, using the following command:
Distribution Command
Fedora yum install tcsh
Ubuntu sudo apt-get install csh
© CAD Schroer GmbH 2009 5
Installing MEDUSA
For the installation you have to be superuser (root). Open a terminal and run the file
Having extracted the installation files, the Installation Wizard will be started, see “Installation
Wizard” on page 7.

I completed all requirements listed and the only thing that seem to work in the terminal was " sudo apt-get install csh '

I basically need to know the command for running this file in the terminal

All apt-get install keeps telling me that " can't find file or directory "

I have even done the apt-cache source as well as ls, so on and so on....

Please, I am totally nieve to most file situations with Linux. So please make your explanations simple as possible and if there is a solution or command, list it so I may copy / paste it in my terminal for accuracy. Thank you

I have my lic # CSG LICENSE FILE
# ################
# CAD Schroer GmbH
# CSGLicenseNumber : PL107021
# Customer Name : John Haskins
# Creation Date : 16.Apr.2010
# Creation User : online
FEATURE med_personal 001d09a01cec 10.4 16-oct-2010 1 Haskins Personal_License 3C9FBD4B041CFE2F1D3B ck=B7CB95:S

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