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March 10, 2010

how to open a .tar.bz2 file


First let me say in advance my appreciation to all the forum members as well as the administrators who have assisted me to get to where I am now in understanding the Linux / Ubuntu OS Software and Systems. I have been a devoted user of Windows sense the days of DOS up until my present Os, Windows 7, But I have an inherited nature to seek out new territories to conquer. After finding Ubuntu to install and tinker with, I ran into a road block. Everything was going smoothly, especially with the pre defined applications listed in the add / remove menu, along with me learning the proper driver base in Synaptic Manger Console, I ran into the dreaded .tar.bz2 file. I used to play with the command panel in windows when I needed to enter a specific command for a function, but I am totally dumb to the linux language in the terminal window of Linux. I need specific apps from sites sponsoring linux programs /apps and software, but when I attempt to open these .tar files, they just dissipate in the open file process after I extract them to a directory. On other Linux tech forum sites, I read intensely some answers to my questions about .tar, but I get further confused to how to implement the solutions. I have been provided a bunch of links to sites with answers, but I am still dumb to how to do it. Can one of you Master geeks help me? John:(

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