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June 2, 2010

I just have to say


I switched from windows to Ubuntu and Kubuntu 2 weeks ago. I have two hard drives and they BOTH have Linux on them.
I always see people asking question but I don't have a question I just wanted to applaud the Linux community.

With in the first 2 days I was back to programming and editing X11 cursors making icons doing everything I was doing in windows. I know they say it has a learning curve but to me it seemed plain and simple. I just needed to learn a couple
terminal commands and key combinations to get started. I like to jump right into things and I am a hobby programmer so its not like that was a major contributing factor. However maybe because I knew dos I am comfortable with command prompts, exploring and modifying. It doesn't matter in any case I love Ubuntu and its sub types. I downloaded each and every single one to try too.

I not only converted but after using it for 4 days and giving it the praise it deserves I have gotten 3 other people to switch too.

I will keep absorbing the knowledge for now and I will pass what I learned.

Keep up the good work everyone and thank you!

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