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March 14, 2010

Installation of e16 / DR17 enlightenment Desktop


Re: installation of e16-1.0.2 Package
Originally Posted by jhaskins75 View Post
I viewed the new e16 enlightenment Window X desktop theme package an wanted to know before I install it, Do I already have that package with the 9.10 OS, and if not, It is a .sn install version and the installation notes are in script language. Must I use the terminal to install it or can I force an install. When I tried to open it to all files, I can view them, but they open my Wine program, then the window just disappears. Is this e16 1.0.2 version compatible with Linux? [ deb, rpm etc....

This a question I posted on Ubuntu.com, but have not receivec a reply as of yet, hoping I could get an answer here

I see i have 29 views and no replys or answers. I think I can make my question a little clearer. The new release of the Dr16 & EFL version of Enlightenment was released on Jan. 24, 2010 and with this release are several file type downloads available via SourceForce and I downloaded the .sn version but cannot open it. I went to the terminal and used the sudo apt-get install package which found the version, which is not what I want. Long story short. They list five versions
Source package rpm
Linux i386 binary rpm
Debian gnu/linux deb
suse linux {pacman}
I need to know which one of these versions are correct for Ubuntu 9.10. I have instructions on how to extract the 'tarball'. But I just need the best version for my system. I am still very new to Linux [ 2 weeks ] and I still need help and advice from all you Master Geeks from Linux world. I have a list of commands dedicated to dumb starter like myself from Ubuntu.com, but I rather not experiment, but heed the best advice from professionals who have downloaded e16 1.0.2 to their system. ' Waiting patiently for an answer, John'

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