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February 6, 2010

Linux OS install


I am trying to install Linux Ubuntu for the first time. I have a live CD acquire with the purchase of a book (Linux Ubuntu Bible). Everything went well untill the actual installation on the hard drive. The install is taking hours to complete. I thought the computer froze because it did freeze when I tried to reformat and install Windows XP Pro. I have purchased two hard drives, one NEW and the latest one, a refurburished HD. When it came to actual loading of the OS, Linux Ubuntu, it seemed to freeze. I just let it alone and after two hours I saw a change on the screen. Then it was formatting the swap drive for partition #5. That took all night (10 pm to 8 am) Now it is creating file system ext3 to partion #1. It's been three hours with no progress evident. The hard drive is one large partition. I did not make any partitions. I can't imagine that this is normal so I must have some other problems. I have no clue what they might be though, corrupted CPU maybe? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks WRBoblis A call might b e easier to answer if anyone is so inclined. {removed to protect the poster's privacy}

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