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July 26, 2010

Monitor issue Ubuntu 10.04


I just upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04, actually just started using anything Linux about a week ago, however I ugraded to 10.04 from 9.1 from the upgrade manager and after the update I do not get a full screen. I can only get 800x400 aspect ratio when I need the full 16:9 ratio like I used to have with 9.1.

I go into the monitors section under preferences but the option is not there.

I run Ubuntu in a Virtual Box if that has any bearing on the situation. I had no issues with 9.1 though and I do have the VBox additions installed.

Let me say this I am very very new to Linux and so you will have to speak to me like a child :laugh:

So any help is appreciated. I am trying to work with Linux to see if I am ready to switch over completely. I do love that most software is free and that issues can get resolved quickly without waiting for some person in Washington to release a service pack that seems to cause more issues. But beyond that I haven't found much reason to switch completely.

If I can't get this screen issue resolved I definitely won't come back to it until it does because working with that tiny little screen and having to scroll to see everythin is annoying. Anyway I am ranting, any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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