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December 12, 2011

Need to access Linux Mint command line through Windows


Hello. I made a big mistake. I was compiling Blender on my Linux Mint. Because some packages were not on the normal repositories. I played stupid (mainly because I was being lazy). And I add the debian.org's repository. Which was really really stupid. Because now, by default the repositories were of debian.org . So when an error prompted on the update manager I restart with the command line and I did sudo apt-get update (again I was being an idiot because those were unstable packages) And I basically switched it all to debian's repositories (I am the biggest douche on the world). So long story short I can't even login to the command line on my Mint (11 Katya). So I am on my second partition (with Windows). Posting this. What I need now is a command line on Windows so I can solve my problem. Thank you so much! *facepalm*

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