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June 19, 2009

Networked Sound


I already got your help with the PXE Boot situation and here i am again with a question!

Now i have the LTSP server running fine and all works quite fast i must say. The only thing i miss is the sound. When checking the soundsystem in Gnome, it only show the soundcard of the server, on which ALSA runs, even in the image i have included ALSA, but it outputs the same config.
What i would like is to play the sound over the network, e.g. have some music on the server, and got that mounted via NFS and i want to play it on the thin client and hear the audio on the thin client. Now what happens when i open up a mp3 file is that the music starts playing on the server, meaning, the sound comes out of the speakers connected to the server.

Already searched a bit and came along PulseAudio altho i couldn't get that to work properly and there was a program in Ubuntu called "nas" and so far i haven't got that working either...

So, anybody some ideas or some handy links?

Thanks in advance!

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