March 10, 2010

New to Linux and have some errors and quetions.


Ok, so my mom just got a new laptop, and wanted to toss her old one. I said nah just give it to me, I will wipe it and make it perform well again. (NOTE: the computer was running vista) I tried using the Restore discs, and the computer wouldnt let me, i then tried to use a copy of XP i had, still denied. My last idea was to go under the cmd promt and type format c: still denied... well i downloaded a program that wiped the computer clean from hdd and its OS. Well, after downloading Ubuntu on my laptop, i created the cd, and installed Linux Ubuntu on the computer. Everything is working fine, except the wireless adapter is not responding, so i cannot connect to the internet. Heres what the computer is a Compaq Presario C500. Does anyone know what i can do to get a driver for this things internet card? Thanks!

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