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September 13, 2010

Recovering Ubuntu installation without losing data


Hi All,

Moving back to Ubuntu, I think so far no disto is better...

I am still not good with the command line nor the different ways to solve my Linux problems, so here is what I need and will explain what I did till i reached the problem...

I need to recover installed Ubuntu or maybe I just need to install a new boot loader.

I have done the following to reach my current condition:

I used to have Mint, and I wanted to Install Ubuntu on a new physical drive sdb1, to keep it away from any ups and downs I am doing while studying redhat (which will be installed instead of Mint on sda1 at the end), and move the bookmarks, emails, everything from the Mint to Ubuntu, and in case of any crash, I would just remove some lines from the Ubuntu grub, and start a new life with another redhat kernel.

As Mint was originally installed, the bootloader was on the original drive sda1.

I thought RedHat 6 installation manager will detect the bootloader, remove the Mint loading line and replace it with the the Redhat, but now no... so now, only redhat is booting, and I have another physical drive sdb1, with Ubuntu on it, and all my other files.

I thought I might be able to solve my problem by:
1) recovering installed Ubuntu (as usually installation manager detects the installed distros), but in this case, i want to move my bootloader to sdb1.
2) as I am sure that Ubuntu installed did not crash and I just need to add it to the bod loader file, and move the grub to sdb1, it might be enough to know how to solve the grub problems.

I found this solved problem, but dont know if it would work or no:

as usual, help is expected from this high technicality and active community.

by the way, it's the i usually find solutions for my problems with no need for a new thread, except that this time it's a bit custom made problem.

thanks a lot

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