March 30, 2010

Scanner utility in Linux to operate my scanner


Oh Master geek, I need your help with this one. I have a all in one printer / fax / scan which i was able to download the supportive drivers from the manufacturers web site for Linux OS. The cups driver is working as I have been printing within the Linux environment for some time now. The problem is I can not get the scanner to function. I downloaded the required drivers for scanner operation and here is the puzzling part, after reading some articles relating to my problem. If I enter this command in my terminal, ' sudo scanimage > filename.pnm it will send a signal to my scanner and it operates. I downloaded the trial version of Vuescan, but it gives me a message that it cannot detect a scanner attached, and in it's read me file, it list my model as a scanner it's program supports. I want to know if I can incorporate the command I listed above into a scan utility program, like " XSane Image scan " or some of the other smaller utilities offered as programs. Vuescan says if I am using a newer version of Ubuntu to make sure I have this package installed and I entered that command in the terminal, but it said something to the effect it was obsolete. [ I embedded the text results within this question ]If you're using a newer version of Ubuntu Linux, you can install the needed version of libstdc++ with the command "sudo apt-get install libstdc++5". If you're using 64-bit Linux, you might also need to install "ia32-libs" and "ia32-libs-gtk". I cannot install the manufacturers files for my printer, as they are for Windows and they have the software interface / driver to operate the scanner, and the wine programming stops the install half way through. I tried to turn off the power and unplug method for recognition, but as I said earlier the Printer portion functions great, just need to get it to recognize my scanner.;) :unsure:

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