August 25, 2010

Ubuntu based Mint 9 possible bugs


Hi All,

I am totally new to Linux, after a long time with windows and like 2-3 years with Mac OS... and I have to say that I like the idea of open source that I am starting to care to participate after 10 days.

I used Mint 9 as the first thing I found on the list and it was new release, and the voting was good almost like the Ubuntu, and this is why I chose it.

I then heard that Ubuntu is much better and I have to use it and not to waste my time on the Mint.

Anyway, trying to download the Ubuntu on Mint using torrents (transmission and vuse) was not working, direct downloading from mirrors did not work, I had to download it at the end at my office using Windows, and I did...

I don't know, should I doubt my internet connection at home? I have downloaded Mind and Debian before using XP.

Should I doubt Mint?

Did anyone face a similar thing?

Any sort of advice to keep Mint or to move to Ubuntu?

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