Error message

Notice: Use of undefined constant RADIOACTIVITY_FIELD_TYPE - assumed 'RADIOACTIVITY_FIELD_TYPE' in radioactivity_field_schema() (line 9 of /srv/www/lcom_www/sites/all/modules/contrib/radioactivity/radioactivity.install).
May 20, 2009

Ubuntu Lag?


Ok, I just recently installed Ubuntu after having troubles getting Linux Mint to install and resizing my partitions. I am running Ubuntu right now and when loading pages it acts like my grand mother's extremely old mac, which when loading websites, has to reload every time you try to move up, down. or side-to-side on the page.
Now, my laptop laptop is fairly fast and runs Vista well.
My system has 2gb of Ram and a 2ghz processor and, as afore mentioned, it is running slowly and is very laggy.
My question is why is it lagging so badly?

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