February 10, 2010

ubuntu self reset


so, i switched computers, am using a desktop, and have ubuntu on a 40 GB HD.

everything was going good, and when downloading a ISO file and installing/finding drivers for my printer, the screen went to only the linux background as well as the two panels being completely empty. trash popped back up, and then the other things on my panel did. well, the four workspaces i had open and the various things spread around them all moved to one workspace and i was set back to my two default workspaces instead of 4. and then my wobbly window and 3D desktop cube i had checked in the compiz settings are still checked but dont work. and i tried to uncheck them and recheck them and they still dont work. no wobbly window and no 3D cube.

anyone know at the least why this may have happened and how to fix it? it seems it reset to more original settings.


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