April 12, 2010

Vitual Box program in Linux


Everything else is running smoothly. I installed Virtual Box version 3.0.8 via the Ubuntu Software C:laugh: enter, after I tried to install the latest version, but found out via a forum reply on virtualbox.org, that you must delete any other older version, for the newer one to install/run. The old is ok, as it shows what must be done in layman terms. My question to you is, I have Windows 7 as well as Ubuntu installed on the same Hard Drive, and if I am interpreting correctly, The virtual setup is requesting to install the OS into it's setup as I would like to know if I must do this, or can I access my present windows 7 without re-installing it for it to be detected. In my file tree, The OS is listed there which has all my windows information and I can see pictures, programs, music, video etc. except documents and settings which I know will not display or run in the Linux environment, as that is why I choose Virtual Technology, hoping this will allow me to access these documents. It gets frustrating shutting down and booting up between to OS Systems.B)

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