May 13, 2013

wifi on 12.04 and other questions


I have been using 12.04 happily since installing it. After a crash recently (from wubi) I reinstalled it with a usb stick. All works fine but suddenly, I can't use wifi. It recognizes the signal and shows that it is strong. But Wifi Radar also shows other signals. It just won't connect.
On Windows 7, however(which I also have for emergencies), all is well.
Is this an OS issue, am I missing something... that I also need to reinstall? Any commands that I could use? Or is it just that there is too much interference? (If so, why does it work with Windows?) Is there any way I could block these signals?
Also, I'd like to know which usb sticks are compatable with linux, and how many GB's are needed. I tried to load 13.04 on mine, 4GB and it wasn't eneough.
I know that these might sound like silly questions to those who are more experienced, but I would greatly appreciate any help. (My 60 yr. old brain is slow in learning )


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