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October 29, 2016

SSL Client Certificate Authentication


Hi all, I'm configuring a website, which require SSL Client Auth on a specific Folder of the website

The main setup in VirtualHost Configuration to do so should be:

SSLCA ssl/foder/cert.pem
<Location /Folder/>
SSL Require
SSl VerifyDepth 1

I think to have set it up correctly but, i don't understand why, the client cannot see that folder of the website, (he have his client certificate installed in his browser signed by the same CA that is set up in SSLCA directive)

The error.log of apache says: Renegotiation Handshake Failed.

1.What could cause this error?

2.Maybe i forgot to set up something on VirtualHost (like SSL Option that in commented and I don't know if it should be in that way)

I'm using Debian Jessie.

Help Please!!!!! :) 

P.S. Do not link forum asnwer or google results, i 've read almost all of it.



Thanks a lot!

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