Telstra Shares PEN Plans

Just one year after Telstra completed its acquisition of Pacnet, the Australian-based service provider is taking big steps to expand its global footprint using...
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Prodip Sen

Telecom Companies Collaborate Through OPNFV to Address Unique Business Challenges

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is an emerging alternative to using dedicated hardware appliances, particularly for service providers, where quick,...
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AT&T: OPNFV Can Bring Open Source Sanity

Toby Ford, assistant vice president, Cloud Technology, Strategy & Planning at AT&T Inc., said in a BCE keynote that Open Platform for NFV Project will...
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Upcoming Webinar on Getting Linux Certified - Tips, Tactics, and Practical Advice

More and more professionals are preparing for certification to fill in gaps in their Linux knowledge, build confidence, and prove to to their management team...
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With Ansible Update, Docker Compose Files Can Configure Networks

If you’re deploying containers at very large scale, there’s a very good chance that you use a variety of automation tools simultaneously.  Docker has its own,...
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Securing the Cloud With SDN

It’s becoming clear that rising network security threats will drive increasing integration between network virtualization (NV) and security, as we’ve long...
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How to Use Postfix Postscreen to Test Email for Spam: Part 2

In the previous article, I looked at some pre-greeting tests that Postfix performs to help identify spam; now I’ll move on through the chain and explore the...
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