Jim Zemlin

Open Source State of the Union

The Linux Foundation is on track to break the 1,000 participating organizations mark some time in 2017 and has set its sights on bringing more new and diverse...
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Trivial Transfers with TFTP, Part 1: Why Use It?

Sometimes we find ourselves using technologies that -- although we may not realize it -- stem from way back in the history of the Internet. The other day, I...
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Security Orchestration and Incident Response

Last month at the RSA Conference, I saw a lot of companies selling security incident response automation. Their promise was to replace people with computers...
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Containerization Leaders Explore Possible Standardized Data Storage Interface

A group of engineers from every leading container orchestrator maker have gathered together, virtually, around an initiative to explore a common lexicon for...
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The Zephyr Project: An RTOS for IoT

How do you develop and sustain an operating system primed for the continuously evolving nature of the internet of things? You model it, in part, on the highly...
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OpenSDS at CloudNativeCon + KubeCon: Moving Forward with SDS and Cloud Computing

CloudNativeCon + KubeCon Europe 2017 has begun and is bringing together the world’s top experts in open source cloud computing. Their goal is to maintain and...
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Linux Block I/O Tracing

Written by Gabriel Krisman Bertazi, Software Engineer at Collabora. Like starting a car with the hood open, sometimes you need to run your program with certain...
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