Essentials of OpenStack Administration course

Essentials of OpenStack Administration Part 1: Cloud Fundamentals

Start exploring Essentials of OpenStack Administration by downloading the free sample chapter today. Download Now   OpenStack and cloud computing is a way of...
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Manivannan Selvaraj

PayPal Reduces Costs 10x With Open Source CI

The bigger you are, the more small efficiencies add up. Manivannan Selvaraj's talk from LinuxCon North America gives us a detailed inside view of how PayPal...
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Raspberry Pi media

Turn Raspberry Pi 3 Into a Powerful Media Player With RasPlex

I have hundreds of movies, TV shows and music that I have bought over the years. They all reside on my Plex Media Server. Just like books, I tend to buy these...
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Linux Kernel 4.9 Slated for December 11 Release As Linus Torvalds Outs RC8

According to Linus Torvalds, work on Linux kernel 4.9 is almost finished, and while things have not been so bad during its entire development cycle, the need...
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Canonical Log Lines

A lightweight and stack agnostic operational technique for easy visibility into production systems. Over the next few weeks I want to post a few articles about...
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Hype Driven Development, from Frameworks to Microservices

Last week Marek Kirejczyk‘s essay on Medium about the dangers of hype driven development, which he described as “how teams bring doom on themselves,” triggered...
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10 Open Source Tools for Your Sysadmin Toolbox

Sysadmins, no matter what platforms they work on, are awash in great open source software tools. In this article, we highlight well-knownand not-so-well-...
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