open source savings

6 Reasons Why Open Source Software Lowers Development Costs

In some organizations, faster development is the primary motivation for using Open Source Software (OSS.) For others, cost savings or flexibility is the most...
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Mark Atwood

Community Software, Science Fiction, and The Machine

Not many presentations can start with a video co-promoting a new computer and the latest Star Trek movie, but Mark Atwood, Director of Open Source Engagement...
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With Azure Container Service, Microsoft Works to Make Container Management Boring

Earlier this week, Microsoft made the Kubernetes container orchestration service generally available on Azure Container Service, alongside the other...
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scp tutorial

How to Securely Transfer Files Between Servers with scp

If you run a live or home server, moving files between local machines or two remote machines is a basic requirement. There are many ways to achieve that. In...
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A Brief History of Blockchain

We’re now in the midst of another quiet revolution: blockchain, a distributed database that maintains a continuously growing list of ordered records, called “...
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DoD Launches “,” an Experiment in Open Source

The Department of Defense (DoD) has announced the launch of, an open source initiative that allows software developers around the world to collaborate...
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This Tiny Chip's 'Quantum Shot Noise' Could Revolutionize Mobile and IoT Security

Engineers at South Korea’s SK Telecom have developed a tiny chip that could help secure communications on a myriad of portable electronics and IOT devices. The...
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