Docker tools empower developers to create distributed applications.

4 Tutorials on Using Docker Tools to Run a Truly Distributed Application in Production

In this series of four tutorials, Docker Cookbook author Sebastien Goasguen introduces the Docker tools which empower developers to create distributed...
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How to Rebase in Git

In previous articles, I have showed how to find things in Git and how to fix mistakes in Git. Here, I’ll be looking at why and how to rebase in Git. What Is...
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Build an Off-Road Raspberry Pi Robot: Part 2

In the previous article, I showed how to do the initial build of our Mantis robot, featuring a RoboClaw motor controller board and a Raspberry Pi. Here, I’ll...
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Linux Foundation Launches Badge Program to Boost Open Source Security

The Linux Foundation has released the first round of CII Best Practices badges as part of a program designed to improve the quality and security of open-source...
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Docker Networking and DNS: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Docker SDN (Software Defined Network) already exists for quite some time. What is new, starting from the release 1.11, is the addition of DNS round-robin load...
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Docker’s Solomon Hykes: If Tools Aren’t Accessible, Our Industry Has Failed

For Solomon Hykes, founder and CEO of Docker, IT plumbing functions best if it is worked on by the entire community of its users, with developers modifying it...
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How Big Is The Ecosystem Growing On Clouds?

Letting go of infrastructure is hard, but once you do – or perhaps more precisely, once you can – picking it back up again is a whole lot harder. This is...
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