ODPi Advances Hadoop Standards with Open Source Runtime Specification

The ODPi's Hadoop runtime specification for big data apps has been adopted by data analytics vendors, which simplifies the open source big data ecosystem. The ...
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5 SSH Hardening Tips

When you look at your SSH server logs, chances are they are full of attempted logins from entities of ill intent. Here are 5 general ways (along with several...
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NFV and Cloud Driving Changes in Core Network Licensing Models

As telecom operators move towards NFV, SDN and cloud architectures, licensing models will need to adapt to new deployment methods One of the greatest...
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DevOps Done Right: Five Tips for Implementing Database Infrastructures

But while DevOps can provide many improvements throughout all stages of the development lifecycle, it is imperative to avoid some of the common pitfalls. A...
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Process tree

Make Peace With Your Processes: Part 5

In previous articles in this series, we’ve whet our whistles with a quick look at the Process Table and pseudo filesystems, and we talked about /dev and /proc...
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Using Nano-Segmentation Apcera Looks to Bring Cloud Trust to Docker Container Deployment

Highly secure trusted cloud platform provider Apcera, Inc. today announced the release of its own approach to securely managing Docker containers in production...
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Can IBM Really Make a Business Out of Blockchain?

On Tuesday, IBM announced the formal launch of a so-called “Bluemix Garage” in New York, where developers can experiment with financial-tech software and...
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